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The Science of Fair Settlement


The Science of Fair Settlement

In the lifetime of a home, the damage is almost a certainty. When that happens, everyone — the insurer, the adjuster, and the homeowner — wants to make the home whole again. But insurance settlements shouldn’t be based on a “best guess.” They should be rooted in facts. We are an independent laboratory that pioneered a better way to analyze and match the materials that make up a home.

AgmaPlus uses newest technology

When you’re involved in a property damage claim, we know what you want: Accurate pricing and the best available match for replacement materials.
An in-depth, independent assessment.
A fair settlement for all parties involved. That’s where ITEL comes in. We’re a science-based company who helps in the property claim settlement process by providing: Real-time Results Detailed Testing & Analysis
Independent Evaluations Repair/Replacement Options
Estimating System Integration Custom Solutions

AgmaPlus Corporation


The ITEL laboratory

The ITEL laboratory is unlike any other. We use standardized processes developed by ITEL and proprietary software.

We’re completely independent from:
Insurance Carriers

ITEL uses the industry’s most advanced technology and you can be sure that you’ll receive an unbiased analysis with the accuracy that comes from adherence to the best methods and scientific standards.


We compare samples to the industry’s most complete flooring database and sample library.
We are the only company that receives data directly from all of the top US carpet mills.
We continuously update and add to our database the information that comes directly from the mills and manufacturers.
We have long-standing partnerships with the country’s leading:

– Flooring mills and manufacturers
– Siding manufacturers
– Roofing manufacturers
– Distributors
– Flooring replacement programs


Every submission is processed by an experienced ITEL analyst who has completed more than 3,000 hours of intensive training to become ITEL certified in their area of expertise. Many of our lab analysts have worked for ITEL for more than 10 years and their years of experience are applied to every claim submission.

Analysts Review:

Chemical Compositions                            Wood Species

Color (Original / Weathered)          Dimensions, Including Thickness

Fiber Type                                               Other Features

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